Beliefs & History


The Holy Bible

Our churches believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It is unlike any other book because it is:

  • inspired by God the Holy Spirit who prompted its writing through a variety of different men throughout history;
  • infallible in that it is completely reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, whatever is revealed is without error and should not and need not be doubted;
  • sufficient because it reveals all that we need to believe to be saved by fully revealing God’s will for our lives;
  • authoritative in that it serves for the regulation, foundation, and confirmation of our faith, and is the final rule of faith and life in our churches because it is the Word of God.

(statement adapted from the FRCA website)

Creeds and Confessions

The Free Reformed Churches have adopted three creeds and confessions, which we believe to be faithful summaries of the Bible’s main teachings:


  • the Apostles Creed
  • the Nicene Creed
  • the Athanasian Creed


  • Heidelberg Catechism
  • the Belgic Confession
  • the Canons of Dort


The Free Reformed Church of Bunbury was instituted in 2001. What began as a small group of committed families has grown into a large and vibrant church community. 

It is part of the Federation of Free Reformed Churches of Australia. Our federation of churches was founded by Dutch migrants and past members of the Dutch Reformed churches in the Netherlands, who had immigrated to Australia post World War II. The first church was founded in Armadale, Western Australia in 1951. The Free Reformed Churches of Australia has grown to include 17 churches, predominantly in Western Australia with two churches in Tasmania and a home congregation in Cairns, Queensland.

Find more information about our church’s beliefs and history on the FRCA website.

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